Is it possible to tell the Contemporary History of Spain through fiction films?
Historian Tómas Valero, in his book History of España Contemporánea Vista por el Cine supports this possibility. He divides the history of Spain into four phases for a better analysis of the films, where each part has an historical introduction: Late 19th Century, Restoration and Second Republic; Spanish Civil War; Franco dictatorship; Transition and Democracy. The films analyzed, twenty distributed by the historical phases and another sixteen in Complementary filmography to teach Historia de España, are accompanied by historical context, chronology, technical-artistic record, bibliography and webgraphy.
Tómas Valero holds a degree in Contemporary History, a specialist in didactic film, and is a member of the Film-History Research Center of the Barcelona Science Park. Director of the CineHistória portal, on the relations between history and cinema, paying special attention to the teaching of history through the films.