News Number 12


From 21 April to 15 November 2009 is being celebrated the Year of France in Brazil , a rendering of the Brazilian government to the Year of Brazil in France in 2005. The year was organized in France by the French General Commissioner, the Ministry of Foreign Foreign and European Affairs, by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and by Culturesfrance and in Brazil by the Brazilian General Commission, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among the various chancelados projects is the book Cinematograph.

A look at the history , organized by Jorge NÓVOA, Soleni BISCOUTO Fressato and Kristian Feigelson. The book brings to the Brazilian public several texts by French authors (Marc Ferro, Pierre Sorlin, Michèle Lagny, Sylvie Dallet and Sylvie Lindeperg, among others), Spaniards (Angel Luis Hueso, Gloria Camarero, Beatriz de las Heras and José Maria Caparros) (Robert Rosenstone), Mexican (John Mraz), and Brazilians (Marcos Silva, Cristiane Nova, Sheila Schvarzman, José D’Assunção Barros and Antônio da Silva Câmara). Check out the summary and programming